Gratifying as it was for Jim to see his concept take hold, he couldn’t deny that his book and speaking tours took a heavy physical toll. Too many long flights and meals on the run left him weak, overweight and racked with aches and pains. That’s when he hit “reboot” yet again, emerging first as a workout enthusiast, and then as a cheerleader for active older adults everywhere. 

Now, at 83, Jim’s bio lists him as an inspirational author and speaker, documentary film producer and social entrepreneur. He has a 20-year track record of socially-focused ventures going back to publication of his Cowboy Ethics books and film, which gave rise to a grassroots movement that is still ongoing.

In his newest film, SuperAgers: Getting Old, Living YoungTM, he explores what we all can learn from SuperAgers—older folks who don’t let advanced age or health issues keep them from living active, fulfilling lives. And with pandemic restrictions eased, he’s back on the road, bringing his message of empowerment to audiences and media outlets across the country.   

From Jim’s home base in La Jolla, California, he works to bridge what he calls “the inspiration gap” on the subject of aging. “We can’t argue or browbeat people into taking better care of themselves,” he says. “Information isn’t enough. We have to motivate and inspire them. That has become my purpose in life.”


Getting old... Living young!