At 83, filmmaker Jim Owen aims to inspire

Why is it that, for some people, getting old is a headlong slide into disability and social isolation, while others are still vibrant and active into their eighties and beyond?

Married for 54 years, Jim and Stanya Owen say working out together is fun—and has brought them even closer.

That epiphany sparked his latest film project, SuperAgers: Getting Old, Living YoungTM. It’s a celebration of people who have found deep satisfaction and joy in old age despite the losses and health issues we all encounter sooner or later.

While acknowledging the role a healthy lifestyle can play, the documentary is most powerful when it looks beyond physical health to explore the mental, emotional, and even spiritual realms of old age—“the recipe for a life well-lived.”   

SuperAgers are living proof that we're in the era of "the new old age."

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